Premium Email

Team planning and email made easy

Nextcloud Groupware offers easy-to-use web mail, calendaring and contacts that helps your team get things done quicker and easier, integrated with Nextcloud Files.

Ultimate security

An open source, self-hosted product. Emails, calendars and contacts are stored on your own infrastructure, without any third party ever gaining access.

Deep integration

Native integration into iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Outlook and Thunderbird. Simple deployment, configuration and integration lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging your existing IT investments.

Mailbox management
Adding an itinerary to the Calendar

Sync Calendars and Contacts with Microsoft Outlook

With the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer, Outlook users can easily sync their events, tasks and contacts between Microsoft Outlook and their Nextcloud server.

Any storage technology you need

The CalDAV and CardDAV plugin offers two-way sync for CalDAV calendars and tasks, CardDAV contacts and can also handle the Google native Contacts and Tasks API. The plugin handles Outlook categories, mapping CalDAV server colors to Outlook category colors and syncing calendars and tasks to the categories. The plugin also handles timezones and recurring events with exceptions and can deal with Outlook custom properties.

Nextcloud Mail

Send and receive emails in a breeze

  • Multiple accounts with unified, smart inbox
  • Travel itinerary recognition and Calendar integration
  • Supports end-to-end encryption using OpenPGP
Note: Nextcloud Mail is a client for IMAP servers; Nextcloud does not include a mail server.

NextCloud Calender

Create and share multiple calendars

  • Create and share multiple calendars
  • Integrate external calendar resources (WebCal)
  • Appointment scheduling, resource booking & Talk integration

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