Reserved Names

The following Names shall be reserved and shall not be available for registration for the public:

  1. Country / State / Province / District / City / Town / Village Tract / Ward / Village Name: Names by themselves containing country or state or province or district or city or town or village tract or ward or village Names or well-known Names such as “Myanmar”, “Shan”, “Mandalay”, “Inle Lake”, etc. or the Myanmar language equivalents shall be reserved. Related Domain Names may only be applied for by the relevant authority, or persons who have been duly authorized by the relevant state authority. 
  2. Names related to the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar such as “Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar” or “President” and variations thereof or any other words or non-Latin characters (or a combination of such non-Latin characters) that might suggest a link to the Government, or the Myanmar language equivalents shall be reserved.
  3. Names related to Religions: Names by themselves containing words in either English or Myanmar language, that are sensitive to the main religions in Myanmar such as "Buddha", “Buddhism”, "Hindu", "Islam", "Christianity", etc. shall be reserved.
  4. Names related to Banks or Finance Companies by themselves or as part of a label, contains the words "bank" or "finance company" (or any derivative of the words in any language) shall be reserved. Only parties who have prior written approval from Central Bank of Myanmar may apply for these Domain Names.
  5. Geographical Names by themselves containing Names, in English or Myanmar language of intergovernmental organizations or country Names shall be reserved.
  6. Regulated Names: Regulated Names means Names prescribed by statute which may only be used subject to the necessary qualifications, consents, licenses and / or permissions having been obtained from the relevant government ministry, department, agency or regulatory authority, as may be applicable to the Registrar. Government agencies and / or regulatory authorities shall be able to request the de-registration or suspension of certain “.mm” Domain Names that fall within their jurisdiction and are in breach of a statutory provision of the law. The requests made shall be based on the requesting party’s legal authority and shall subject to the oversight of the Department.
  7. Sensitive Names means Names which may be considered scandalous, obscene, offensive, indecent and/or contrary to public norms of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, or Names which give the connotation that such Names are directly or indirectly obscene and scandalous. For the purpose of interpretation, a Name shall be considered to be:
    1.  obscene” where it relates to a perversion of sex or sexual activities running counter to accepted standards of morals;
    2. offensive” where it hurts the feelings of groups within the society, including but not limited to, where it comprises of derivatives and colloquialisms of words that are offensive, including:
      1. derogatory terms referring to people;
      2. racial or ethnic slurs;
      3. religious slurs;
      4. sneering sexual (identity/preference) remarks;
      5. undesirable reference towards culture, society or community;
      6. vulgar or crude expressions that refer to the anatomy, bodily function, body by-products and gender.


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